The Cost or Price Of Drilling A Borehole in Zimbabwe

The Cost or Price Of Drilling A Borehole in Zimbabwe

Our sales and marketing consultants are professional and willing to explain the cost of the borehole and break the cost down to enable you to understand the final quote, our prices are highly competitive in the market. 

Our team is well qualified in executing the job with diligence and in a timely manner. We strive to ensure we exceed your expectations and leave you with quality that you and your family can depend on for generations to come.

The cost of a borehole is dependent on many factors, here are some that are taken into consideration prior to giving out a quote.

1. Geology: The geology or rock formations affect the amount of time and resources that are used on the borehole. Some terrain might be too soft and causes the borehole walls to collapse in on themselves, this creates difficulty in casing and removal of the borehole equipment.

Other boreholes might contain hard rock, which takes longer to penetrate. Our drillers are well versed with all sorts of formations and employ various methodologies to overcome the type of geology. All these risks are factored into the cost or price of the borehole.
The Cost or Price Of Drilling A Borehole in Zimbabwe
The Cost or Price Of Drilling A Borehole in Zimbabwe
The Location: The location of the Borehole from our operations site affects the costs of mobilizing the equipment to the site of the Borehole.

3. Size of the Borehole: Upon advice from a hydrogeologist who does the initial survey, we work upon a recommended depth of how deep the borehole should be. This is usually charged in meters.

4. Cost of lining and packing the Borehole: We charge per meter to case the Borehole with Plastic or Steel casing. The lining of the borehole is essential to avoid the walls collapsing or impurities entering the water. We also insert a gravel pack along the sides of the casing to enable filtration of the water to occur.

5. Pump System: We install a submersible pump system. The type of pump that is installed is dependent upon the depth of the borehole, the flow and pressure of the water.

6. Water Analysis: A Chemical analysis is conducted on the water to assess the contents of the water and gives an indication of the suitability for use. Some of our Boreholes have had such pure contents that the water has been bottled and sold while numerous other boreholes are used for domestic use, construction or commercial purposes. 

Our detailed water analysis assesses that you have the right quality and quantity of water for use.

price/From $950.00UD
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